Cool Hunting’s Hibernating Playlist

Our latest favorite music for avoiding the outdoors

As winter sputters along in New York, we’re finding plenty of reasons to be homebodies —an activity that calls for the appropriate soundtrack. Like Atlas Sounds’ opener “The Shakes,” some of the best music for the season seems engineered for playing on vinyl, a choice that helps conjure warmth on even the coldest, darkest nights. We also included some cheerful songs, perfect for the intimacy …

Cool Hunting’s Harvest Playlist

From Ennio Morricone to Cults, our mix of music for getting ready and looking back

Fall is all about motivation, preparing for the season ahead by taking stock of summer’s bounty. While melancholy at times—Bon Iver’s childhood memory “Michicant,” “Harvest Breed by Nick Drake—there’s plenty here to get you going too, from Little Richard’s “Midnight Special” to Kelly Rowland’s seductive “Motivation.” Listen now

Cool Hunting’s Summer Warm-Up Mix

Ease into the coming season with our musical tasting menu

While the season’s transitional weather lends plenty of opportunities for staring-out-the-window-at-the-rain songs, spring’s soft sunshine also inspires a feel-good faster pace—so that we can get it all done in time for dreamy do-nothing summer days. For those ready to get things started early, we threw in a few cathartic jams too. Menahan Street Band: Home Again! Perfectly blending smooth, jazzy horns and peppy percussion, play …