Year of the Rat Kitchen Bundle

Featuring a variant of their beloved Always Pan, Our Place’s Year of the Rat Bundle nods to the Chinese New Year and the delicious meals made during the celebration. Included in this four-piece ensemble are the 10,000 Abilities 万能 Always Pan in red, a circular Fair Weather 好云 Platter, an elongated Tip the Scales 龙运 Platter, and a super-handy Eternal Strength 永力 Cleaver. Each was …

New Year’s Matcha

Super-smooth and highlighted by a delicious full-bodied umami aftertaste, Ippodo’s New Year’s matcha is available for pre-order now and comes complete with 2020-centric rat-adorned label. Whether made as Usucha (light matcha) or Koicha (thick matcha), the flavor profile is mellow and drinkable—a celebratory treat for matcha experts and rookies alike.

Year of the Pig Gift Guide

Swine-themed accessories, snacks and drinks to celebrate Chinese New Year

According to the Chinese zodiac, the pig is the last of the 12 animals (the reason for which varies in several myths) and exemplifies wealth. This year, 5 February marks the beginning of another year of the pig. To celebrate this Lunar New Year, we’ve rounded up several swine-themed items—from sweets to sneakers and beyond. “Year of the Pig” Old Skool Sneakers Made in collaboration …