Lentil Chips

Tastier than you might think

With archeological evidence tracing their roots back as far as 13,000 years ago in India and Pakistan, lentils have been a protein-packed part of mankind’s diet since the Neolithic times. Like various other healthy chips we keep on tap, Simply 7’s Lentil Chips make the legume accessible to those less familiar with its many nutritional benefits. The crispy, gluten-free snack gets its flavor from just …

Deano’s Jalapeño Chips

A slice of spice from Vermont with bold South-of-the-Border flavor

A small Vermont-based operation with outsized creativity, Deano’s Jalapeño Chips are flavorful little slices of actual peppers—perfect for spicing up burgers, eggs, snack mixes, popcorn or even as a stand-alone snack. Founder Doehne “Deano” Duckworth, inspired by Jalapeño-flavored potato chips, decided to skip the potato altogether. Sliced paper thin, the peppers fry to a crisp before a dusting with either cheddar or ranch flavoring. Though …

Potato Chips in Chocolate

Chuao packs their new chocolate bar with crispy potato chip bits

Combining milk chocolate with all-natural, kettle-cooked potato chips, Chuao Chocolatier‘s latest highbrow-meets-lowbrow