Cool Hunting Video Presents: RVS by V

Our video on a young Turkish eyewear fanatic's line of vintage-inspired frames

Vidal Erkohen is equal parts eyewear designer and collector. With a love for eyewear that has been nurtured since childhood, Erkohen has channeled this passion into RVS by V, a small-run eyewear line based in Istanbul focused on producing classic high-quality frames. In our latest video we talked to Vidal about the history and significance of eyewear, and the formation of RVS by V.

Test Drive: 2011 Charger R/T

Dodge outdoes itself with a new take on their classic American muscle car

Few brands are more overtly “American” than Dodge. Even when their parent group was owned by Germans (now Italians), Dodge somehow remained the embodiment of a certain Yankee style—big, loud, powerful, arrogant and completely unapologetic. A part of the U.S.A. brand as much as America is part of Dodge’s identity, the bravado that attracted us to the “Mighty Dodge” as kids continues to turn our …

Lomo LC-Wide

Lomography adds an ultra-wide angle camera to their classic compact line

An exciting addition to their line of legendary analog cameras, today Lomography releases the Lomo LC-Wide. The continuation of the iconic LC-A+ line retains its classic aesthetic but adds greater functionality—specifically the ability to shoot ultra-wide angle photos. Relatively compact in size, the camera sports a 17mm lens with three different shoot modes (full, square and half format) that allow photographers to snap extreme close-ups …