Movement Bottle

Intended only for cold water, LARQ’s Bottle Movement eliminates 99.9999% of contaminants, courtesy of its built-in UV-C LED technology. Available in two sizes (24- and 32-ounce), the smart bottle self-cleans every two hours, but can also be manually prompted with the touch of a button. Made from a lightweight stainless steel, the bottle is ideal for the gym and outdoor adventures.

CSIRO’s Membrane Makes Sydney Harbor Water Drinkable

Still in the midst of a global drinking water crisis, new developments trigger excitement over the potential for saving lives. Australia’s CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) has created a brand new filtration system centered around a membrane of Graphair, a material produced from graphene. Their testing removed 99% of contaminants—and a specific test on water from Sydney Harbor made that water drinkable. Graphair …

Tap That Tee

Instead of promoting a corporate fashion label on your chest, why not spread the word about your favorite cause? 30% of the profits from Prinkshop’s Tap That Tee will go to an organization tackling water crises around the world. And whether your cause is access to clean water, gun control or women’s reproductive rights, Prinkshop has a tee to transform you into an everyday activist.