Futurist Gift Kits

The Italian Futurist movement rejected the old and glorified the young and strong. We can only hope our skin care products have the same manifesto. Leave it to Aesop, purveyor of antioxidant defying lotions and potions to merge their passion for fine art, and Futurism in particular, with a useful range of holiday gifts sets. The perfect regime for any arts scholar, sets range from …

Original White Beard & Shave Soap

Handmade in New York, this multi-purpose soap doubles as a shaving cream and whisker shampoo. The soap blends nicely into the morning routine with a fresh scented cedar and juniper lather that any man will enjoy.

All-Purpose Dirt

When Savannah, Georgia’s Prospector Co. say their product is “all-purpose,” they really mean it. Be in harmony with mother nature with an all-natural, cleansing dirt comprised of finely powdered rhassoul, white kaolin, and French yellow clays that will make your face, hair and skin feel great.