Van Der Waals Clock

When form defines function the experience of a product is better. In this case, Charlotte Van Der Waals' World Time Clock takes the math and confusion out of time zone hopping. Simply position the clock with the desired city on top and the correct time is displayed. $70 at Moss

Microsweep Projector Clock

This clock is projected on to a wall to provide a graphic, almost iconic representation of time. The clock features smooth sweep movement and a dimmer. It’s available with Roman (ick), Micro (classic) or Micro 12 (modern) numerals. $219 at gnr8

Digital Sundial

Like a digital clock, the digital sundial displays the current time using digits. In the true tradition of all sundials, the device is purely passive – it operates without electricity, and has no moving parts. Instead, the sunlight is cast through two cleverly designed masks in the shape of numbers that show the current time of day. The sundial is available in two versions, for …