2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Highlights from the annual event that is much more than just a car show

There are car shows, and then there’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, held each year in West Sussex, England. Everything from rare, vintage and outright odd vehicles are put on display. Then there are the high-performance supercars and Formula One racers from a variety of eras. Regardless, these machines aren’t just there to look nice, they’re barreling up the site’s 1.16-mile hill climb course. Even though …

The Recurrent, Haunting Ghost: Essays on the Art, Life and Legacy of Marcel Duchamp

Self-dubbed “the end of an obsession” by author and devoted art dealer Francis Naumann, this book of essays and articles on Marcel Duchamp is scholarly tour de force, taking readers through the major works and themes of his life.

“At Home I’m A Tourist”

Selim Varol displays a few of his 15,000 artist toys in Berlin

For most of us, collecting toys is a hobby that can consume our youth, holding the excitement of adding to our bounty, finding the next big thing or forging relationships with other collectors. Few carry the pursuit into adulthood, becoming supercollectors to the utmost degree. Selim Varol is one of those exceptions, in a big way. Varol began collecting toys when he was six, later …