Amsterdam-based, Japanese-inspired Kiyoko

A new lifestyle line with just two products thus far: lip balm and a sweater

With their debut product being a quality, 100% natural lip balm (“that softens your lips on a sunny morning after a swim in the lake,” the minimalist packaging reads), many (incorrectly) considered the mysterious brand Kiyoko to be a new skincare line. Founded in Amsterdam by two friends Evelien Emondts and Merel Groenenboom, Kiyoko is actually a lifestyle brand prioritizing good quality and design. The …

Cool Hunting Video: Wolfgang Egger and Audi’s Quattro Concept

Sketching and chatting with the German automaker's dynamic head of design

Recently, Audi invited CH to Ingolstadt, Germany, for a behind-the-scenes look at their extraordinarily advanced production facility. Additionally, we spent some time in Munich, where we were able to roam around Audi’s highly protected design studio. During the visit, we sat down with Wolfgang Egger—Audi’s head of design—to chat about the roots of their new Quattro concept car and Egger’s forward-thinking approach to superior engineering.

Henrik Vibskov: Neck Plus Ultra

The Danish fashion designer invades Paris' Galerie des Galeries for a conceptual exhibition of necks

Named for the Latin motto “nec plus ultra” (literally, “nothing farther beyond”), Henrik Vibskov‘s latest effort “Neck Plus Ultra” is a continuation of his AW 2013 show, “The Stiff Neck Chamber.” Taking place in an elaborate space—a forest of upside down long necks that can be identified as black swans—the exhibition lets visitors wander backstage and into Vibskov’s eccentric universe. Preparatory work for the collection, …