Why We Fixate on the Time Artists Spend on Their Work

Collectors, viewers and members of the press have long been fascinated with how long artists spend on each piece they create. Whether related to our obsession with the myth of the artist’s struggle, how we put a monetary value on a piece, or beyond, “it’s easier to value intensive physical labor over conceptual rigor when an artist’s thought process can feel so intangible and impossible to …

Tomás Saraceno’s Fossil Fuel-Free Flights at Art Basel Miami Beach

Audemars Piguet taps the conceptual artist's Aerocene community for an oceanside exhibit

“You can wait—wait with joy, with passion, for the right time, in the right moment.”

The Unappropriated Recipes

A tome celebrating Hong Kong, “The Unappropriated Recipes” by Para Site (the city’s impressive art center) features artist-imagined recipes uniting for a unique concept cookbook. From fortune-telling with spaghetti sticks, to “power socio-political movements with activist ingredients” and more, it’s part food, part art, and all a love letter to the vibrant city of Hong Kong. Find out more, or get involved, at Kickstarter.