Cool Hunting Video: Mercedes-Benz F015 Concept

User Experience Designer, Vera Schmidt takes us face to face with the autonomous future of luxury mobility

On a sunny day in Alameda, California, we waited patiently at the end of an abandoned naval airstrip for the silver torpedo-like Mercedes-Benz F015 Concept car to drive itself down and pick us up. Mercedes created this concept not as evidence of autonomous driving technology, but to showcase the future of an autonomous luxury experience. Designed with passenger interaction and entertainment in mind, the car …

Cool Hunting Video: Taxi Amulets of Bangkok

The many religious and pop culture shrines inside Thailand's cabs

While traveling in Bangkok, we asked American-turned-Bangkokian, Dale Konstanz, if he could give us a glimpse into the day-to-day on the city’s bustling streets. Creator of the blog “Still Life in Moving Vehicles” and the book Thai Taxi Talismans, Konstanz has a fascination with Bangkok’s taxi culture—particularly their objects of taxi adornment. He took us around markets and street venders to see the variety in …

Cool Hunting Video: Knoll Remix Line

A new line of office chairs built to follow the organic movements of its user

The Knoll team recently showed us a preview of their latest beautifully designed furniture line: the Remix family of chairs. Teaming up with Formway Design, Knoll produced this line of high-performance office chairs with a focus on conforming to the natural, active postures of its user, while providing optimum comfort in its form.