Shy Luv: Pharaohs (SBTRKT Cover)

A cover of SBTRKT’s 2011 track, Shy Luv’s version of “Pharoahs” is a super-funky take on the dance track. With breathy falsetto, plenty of synths and a groovy bass line, it’s a very danceable iteration. Shy Luv (Sam Knowles, aka Karma Kid; and Jake Norman,aka Armeria) is set to release their debut EP Shock Horror early next year.


Willow Smith's post-election hope, Gordi's Boni Iver cover, The Landing's groovy space tunes and more in our musical round-up

Animal Collective: Mountain Game Originally recorded (but never used) for 2010’s Red Dead Redemption video game, Animal Collective’s “Mountain Game” throws back to their Merriweather Post Pavilion-style pop artistry. Bearing all the musical nuances we’ve come to love from the band, the track’s greatest surprise happens to be its pure beauty; it’s gentler than their more chaotic (but organized) works and incorporates soothing harmonies. We …

Gordi: 00000 Million (Bon Iver Cover)

With nothing but the sound of her voice and some reverb, Gordi—Australian singer/songwriter and Jagjaguwar-signee Sophie Payten—takes Bon Iver’s already minimalist “00000 Million” one step further in her cover version. Gordi’s husky, lower range a capella enhances Justin Vernon’s otherworldly poetry and offers some much-needed, grounded reflection within these chaotic times—a modern-day hymn.