Laura Groves: Gamma Ray Blue (Cleaners From Venus Cover)

London-based songwriter Laura Groves previously released an album on XL under the moniker Blue Roses. Under her real name, however, Groves transitions from acoustic instruments like piano and guitar to a more electronic set-up, and her voice glows anew among the vintage synthesizers. In her cover of the track “Gamma Ray Blue,” Groves polishes up the lo-fi track from ’80s band The Cleaners from Venus …


Taylor Swift and Nina Simone covers, zombie surfing and more in this week's look at music

Elliot Moss: Best Light Though just 21 years old, Elliot Moss made a strong debut with his self-produced album Highspeeds—even Zane Lowe is a fan, playing Moss’ dark, minimalist pop songs on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio. Moss’ new music video for Best Light stays simple like the song (which interestingly speeds up to double-time halfway through) with him performing under slow strobing lights and …

Alessia Cara: Bad Blood (Taylor Swift Cover)

Alessia Cara’s anti-social anthem “Here” has been on heavy rotation at HQ for a while, and now she’s delighted listeners with a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” In this pared-down version (featuring just an accompanying pianist, Cara on guitar and some finger-snapping) the 18-year-old Canadian offers more breathy, emotional vocals—playing both Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar.