Palo Samko

Sinewy surrealism handcrafted from reclaimed Brooklyn wood

Woodworker Palo Samko‘s impressive showing at ICFF has created a high level of buzz, and rightly so. Working out of his Brooklyn Navy Yard studio, Samko has been hand-crafting furniture and other housewares for years, lately turning out a whole new array of clocks, lamps and mirrors. By integrating metal with wood in several of his creations, Samko brings an intriguing element to woodworking and …

Los Tres Juanes

Master Spanish craftsman showcase their geometrically intricate woodworking styles

Using a combination of modern machinery and historical woodworking techniques, Los Tres Juanes create beautifully-intricate roof frameworks in styles unique to the south of Spain. These exceptionally skilled craftsman create Alfarjes (polygon-shaped painted ceilings) and Mudejar-style coffered ceilings made entirely of finely-intertwined wood. Check out their short video above, detailing their workshop and the process of creating their geometric works of art.

Fatto a Mano for the Future

Fendi and architects Aranda/Lasch interpret organic algorithms through craftsmanship

Technology and craft are common buzzwords these days, but the recent collaboration between Fendi and architecture duo Aranda/Lasch explores the duality with an unusual concept. Dubbed “Modern Primitives,” the project started with Aranda/Lasch’s sculptural installations based on a crystal structure and its “forbidden symmetries”, which debuted at the 2010 Venice Biennale before landing stateside at Design Miami last December. The sculptures, the result of the …