Handmade Valentines

See how five of our favorite creatives celebrate the sappiest holiday of the year

While some bitterly cast off the romantic holiday as nothing more than an excuse to consume, Valentine’s Day is a great way to remind people how special they are. We tapped some of our favorite creatives to see how they make the holiday unique. Artist Dodi Wexler has been making and sending valentines since she was 19-years-old, starting with 10 and now crafting more than …

Lilian Asterfield

Vintage neckties upcycled into cheeky rosette brooches

“I’m a sucker for odds and ends,” says Boston-based fashion designer Nicole Deponte. So when she inherited a trash bag full of one-of-a-kind vintage neckties in 2009, what started “as a happy accident”—an experiment with a belt—”grew into a ruffled collection of innovative accessories” called Lilian Asterfield. Among the line’s original scarves, hats and headbands, Deponte’s hand-sewn rosette brooches put a particularly feminine twist on …

The Man-Made Rainbow Machine

Self-washing fabric, underground NYC (literally) and recycled-magazine Nikes round out this week's look at the web

Professor and artist Michael Jones Mckean designed a machine comprised of commercial jet pumps and custom-designed nozzles that creates gigantic, man made rainbows.