Plates And Dishes: The Foods And Faces Of The American Diner

Plates and Dishes is a new photographic journal by Stephan Schacher that captures the food and personalities of American diner culture. The portraits are fresh and the colors subdued, and it's easy to live vicariously through Schacher's journey across America and parts of Canada as he explores the country through its diner food and the people who serve it.

Chosen Couture

Sara Schwimmer's Chosen Couture is a showcase for the most creative and unique designs inspired by Jewish tradition and culture. I'm totally in to 3 of the t-shirts: Challa Back, Lower East Side and Yo Semite.

Hisashi Tenmyouya

Hisashi Tenmyouya creates modern day urban street scenes in traditional Japanese style. His work is currently on exhibit at the Whitney as part of the show: American Effect. Tenmyouya challenges the common perceptions of tradition, culture, violence, and technology.