Silt Collection

Utilizing age-old production methods and materials, design and architecture house VW+BS inject contemporary aesthetics into timeless pieces. The forthcoming Silt Collection uses the ancient Chinese material purple clay, renowned for its absorbent and flavor enhancing qualities traditionally used for serving black tea. The cups and small jug are all stackable with a simplistic modern touch.

Govino Glasses

Superior outdoor sipping with crystal-like plastic glassware

Nothing kills the buzz of a drink outdoors more than the chunky rim of a plastic cup at your lips. Refining the concept with a few Dieter Rams-worthy design principles, Govino‘s reusable wine glasses and champagne flutes, made from BPA-free, shatterproof polymer, keep al fresco sipping safe while upping the overall experience. Reflecting wine’s color and aroma more like crystal, the streamlined design not only …