Postcard Swimwear

Design the swimsuit of your dreams based on your favorite artwork or photography

While there’s an almost overwhelming selection of swimwear available, the search for the perfect suit often ends in lukewarm feelings. Sydney-based Postcard Swimwear offers a different kind of service: custom pieces that are designed using artwork and photography submitted by customers. “My whole philosophy behind Postcard Swimwear has been, ‘create the things you wish existed,’” Ashlee Cam, the one-woman show behind Postcard, tells CH. And …

Layflat Photo Album

Offering a beautiful way to remember this summer’s adventures many years into the future is Artifact Uprising’s Layflat Photo Album. Preserve your digital photos in timeless book form, made from professional quality papers and a minimalist fabric cover. It makes a particularly thoughtful gift for that one friend or relative who’s impossible to shop for.

Kinematics 4D-Printed Dress

Generative design studio Nervous System looks to pattern and form in nature to create a fully flexible, customizable garment

Founded in 2007, generative design studio Nervous System has been working with cutting-edge computer simulation and digital fabrication technologies to create some of the most interesting products on the market. Now, founders Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg have developed their most innovative concept to date: a fully customizable dress made from their Kinematics 4D-printing system. 3D-printing has generally presented a challenge for garment-making because they …