Spam Shirt

Spam Shirt is a site dedicated to making your own custom spamified t-shirts. You pick the colors and the phrase or enter your own, and $25 later you have your very own VãLIUM AND X.ANAX SUPERSAVINGS spam shirt.

Burton Series 13

All the kids love customizing their stuff, right? Ok, fine– us grown-ups do to. Anyway, this season Burton is running a customized board program called Series 13. You can choose from 4 different boards and configure the colors for a dozen different deck patterns and several different base patterns. All Series 13 boards are individually built by hand at the Burton Manufacturing Center in Burlington …


The Sacrasac is a bag system where you can zip multiple panels together to change the size and color scheme for your tote. Made in Japan, bags and parts can be ordered from their Web site, or purchased at the MoMa Design store.