Bamboo Bike

Brano Meres, a Slovakian bike hobbyist, recently built this incredible bamboo bike frame. While bamboo is light and strong, there are certain practicalities that make commercial production of this thing unrealistic. But it is oh so nice to look at… via Design Sponge

Shift Bicycle

Shift Bicycle was designed by Scott Shim, Ryan Lightbody and Matt Grossman, and it won them top honors in a bicycle design competition held by the Taiwanese Government. The technology is simple, the back paired wheels come together by an articulated hub when the bike is in motion–but when it’s still they spread apart for stability. via Engadget

iXi Bike

iXi Bike seems like the most convenient, and highly designed collapsible bike on the market. It collapses with a patented interlocking system that seems extremely simple to use. Starting at a little over a grand, it’s a bit pricey– but that’s what quality craftsmanship costs these days. It boats an aluminum frame, foldable pedals, and a slew of other adjustable and interchangeable features. Update: A …