Drave Water Pipette + Carafe

Designed by Sruli Recht and produced in the Czech Republic from lead-free crystal, Norlan Glass’ Drave Carafe is accompanied by a milled, tumbled and anodized aluminum pipette. The set highlights the tradition of adding a few drops of water to one’s dram of whisky, which further opens up the nose and taste profile. Both pieces feature emphasized, future-forward geometric forms.

Prague’s Mesmerizing Signal Festival, 2018

Exploring the annual celebration of light art and emerging technologies

Prague abounds with historic quaintness. Hotel lobbies are traditionally opulent and grand, established restaurants serve time-honored food paired with Czech dumplings and beer, streets bear the names of residents from times gone by, and the magnificent Prague Castle above the city speaks of the royalty that once presided over the country. It is with this classic backdrop as a canvas that Prague hosts something intriguing and …

CH Omakase 2017: Fferrone Design Albers Vase + Rare Presenter Set

Two exclusive homeware items from one of our favorite Chicago-based designers

Color is a big influence on this year’s Omakase collection. With that in mind, we asked Chicago-based multidisciplinary designer Felicia Ferrone, a longtime CH collaborator and founder of Fferrone Design (note that her last name has one F, the brand name has two Fs), to create something colorful and transformative. The result was a two-piece vase, which creates a third color where the pieces nest. …