Twexus is a database of over 20,000 digital photographs taken by Andreas Wacker. There are a couple different ways to search for photos, but my favorite is a feature called pairs. All it does is randomly select two photos to display side by side. More often than not, the juxtaposition is rather compelling.

Mainstreaming RSS

Most simply stated, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for reading news and information Web sites. You may be reading this right now via RSS, or you may be looking at the actual Web page. For the time being, most people who use RSS do so by putting URLs for feeds in a news reader that allows them to aggregate all the sites they …

Tim Bavington

The latest series from Vegas based artist, Tim Bavington, is up at Mark Moore. Bavington's luscious air brushed stripes are said to be derived from rock and roll guitar riffs– as such, they are an abstracted data visualization. Rockin-techno-fab! Here are some shots of the installation, courtesy of the artist: