Interview: Antionette Carroll, TED Fellow and Founder of Creative Reaction Lab

Guidance on design, equity, community and being OK with failure

“Mistakes will be a part of everything you do, and you’ll be OK with it. Failure will be a part of you, and you’ll be OK with that.”

Ise Gropius aka Mrs Bauhaus

Walter Gropius is the name most commonly attached to the wildly influential Bauhaus movement, but his wife Ise was an equally significant creative partner. Oftentimes remembered as a “widow, archivist, interpreter and promoter of his work,” Ise has her own powerful legacy beyond this. As Katy Kelleher writes for Artsy, “From her handmade headdresses to her carefully planted garden to her experiments with photography, Ise’s entire life …

Dubai Design Week 2017: Global Grad Show

Design problem-solving from 43 countries across six continents

Sometimes graduate shows can be a mixed bag. There are great ideas but poor output or beautiful products without much to say. That said, some such shows are exceptionally interesting, and this is the case with Global Grad Show. The international showcase, now in its third year, has already become one of the main events of Dubai Design Week—on the radar of visionary companies, design …