From Pencil to Photoshop to Dropbox: 2015 Design Tools Survey

Which weapons designers around the world are favoring today, from prototyping to project management

Earlier this summer, web design veteran Khoi Vinh—former Design Director at The New York Times Online and now Principal Designer at Adobe—sent out a questionnaire to the public to learn what tools designers are using and favoring today. With participation from over 4,000 designers in almost 200 countries, the first annual Design Tools Survey results are now published on Vinh’s long-running blog Subtraction. Extracting findings …

Designer Mod

Designers—or, really, anyone who uses a variety of gadgets and doodads throughout the day—will live a life of stylish organization once the Mod by This is Ground lands in their hands. The handsome leather folio disguises a magnetic spine which allows for customization of pockets and straps to hold your erasers, rulers, notebooks or other essential tool.

Ferrari World Design Contest

Dramatic innovations from students around the world help shape the future of supercar design

Ferrari invited us to their headquarters in Maranello, Italy to see the work of the seven finalists in their year-long World Design Contest. The contest tasked the students with devising a concept car design with the brief to reduce fuel consumption and the car’s overall weight in order to increase driving pleasure. The teams used Autodesk’s Alias industrial design software, completing concepts first in renderings …