Becca Punch of The Musket Room, NYC

The young pastry chef walks us through a few of her favorite desserts

Just a few blocks from the perpetually busy corner of Houston and Lafayette in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood lies a tranquil outpost for New Zealand cuisine that channels the calm reserve of the island nation. Just four months after opening in October, 2013 The Musket Room was awarded a Michelin star. Since then, the awards have continued come in and the restaurant—with native Kiwi Matt Lambert …

Brooklyn Sesame Halva Spread

Typically dry, crumbly sweet halva is reinvented as a versatile spread

Taking Brooklyn by storm is newcomer Brooklyn Sesame, whose debut product breaks down dense, crumbly blocks of sweet halva (Arabic for “dessert”) into a delicious spread for more versatile munching. Halva is a traditional food enjoyed all over the world in diverse forms and is a particular favorite of Israeli Jews—including Shahar Shamir, a Brooklynite who arrived from Tel Aviv over a decade ago. He …


In their first cookbook, the cult-followed Portland, ME bakery Standard Baking Co. shares the recipes behind some of their most beloved pastries, including their scrumptious chocolate corks and morning buns. Authored by head chefs Alison Pray and Tara Smith, this book is filled with recipes to fall in love with.