Nokia 6820

Last week, Nokia announced a bunch of new phones . The 7700 Media Device has been getting all the press because it’s so damn wacky. The one I’m hot for is the less hyped and more useful 6820 (pictured above). It’s what I’ve been anticipating since Early September , and now it’s here. A multi-form messaging phone, now with Bluetooth and a Camera. Available in …

Sony Ericsson P900

Today Sony Ericsson officially announced the P900. Unofficially, everyone has known about it for months. Mobile Burn has a good review and comparison to the P800 predecessor.

Nokia 6850!?

It looks like my tech lust prayers have been answered… Nokia will be announcing an upgrade to the 6800 (above) that will include Bluetooth and a camera. It also looks like an updated UI, Series 45? via AreaMobile (with pictures)