A recent story in the New York Times points out that the hottest gadgets originate in Japan and take many months to make it over to the States, if at all. Duh. The most useful parts of this article, however, are the links to and Both sites specialize in distributing the latest and greatest from Japan.

New iPod

It doesn’t take much hunting today to find the news of Apple’s new iPods. They are smaller and lighter with more storage space (15 and 30 GB). There’s a new dock. And they, as well as the older versions, integrate seamlessly with the new music download service offered via the iTunes upgrade. The new version of iTunes also includes Rendezvous based music sharing. That means …

Doggy Lo-Jack

An Electronic Tag for the Peripatetic Pet, published recently in the New York Times, provides a nice overview of the benefits of microchipping your dog (or cat). It sounds a bit creepy, but the benefits are worth it. It does remind me, however, of the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System that was oh so hyped in the 80s.