2021 Calendars + Planners

Whether for organization, motivation or inspiration, these products provide creative ways to track your days

It might already be 4 January, but for many of us time has been decidedly difficult to comprehend recently. Complex or not, making the most of your time can be easier—and even provide some optimism—with a little planning. Whether used for making distant travel plans or ensuring you don’t miss an important call, these calendars and planners aim to add some motivation, inspiration, color, humor and …

Dada Daily Weekly Monthly Planner

For concrete plans as well as loftier goals, the Dada Daily Weekly Monthly Planner from the MCA Chicago Store is black and white, and Dadaism-inspired. Spiral-bound, it features two pockets to keep loose papers and notes safe. It has been printed on tree-free paper.

2020 Calendars + Planners

From elegant agendas to playful desktop planners, several organizational items to help prepare for next year

As innumerable end-of-the-decade lists, memes and essays make the rounds, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by 2020’s approach. And yet, sorting through plentiful planner options—each with a specific focus and style—can hopefully lead to one that offers reprieve. Whether you like to look at the year one day at a time, or have an entire month stretched out on a page, our selections aim to …