Sardine Scent-Diffusing Sphere

Having “stinky” sardines on an aroma vessel (that resembles a fortune teller’s orb) is a cheeky, bold statement—but don’t worry, it’s not the scent being diffused through the charcoal-like reeds. “Otto” is Fornasetti’s aromatic signature, with top notes of thyme and lavender and base notes of incense, balsam and birch. The decorative diffusing sphere pipes “Otto” through the room for three to six months.

Diffuser Cabinet

An edition of 10, Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij’s Diffuser Cabinet serves juxtaposing purposes, simultaneously providing storage in a series of hidden drawers and spreading sound around to improve the acoustics of a room. Best of all, the behemoth Jenga tower of irregular pieces of tulip wood presents itself as an object of textural beauty.