1980s-inspired Chromeo and The-Dream, an ethereal tune by The Saxophones, Aaron Taylor and more

The Saxophones: Just You As divisive as “Twin Peaks: The Return” was, each episode’s musical performance introduced viewers to an auditory environment only Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch could create. “Just You,” penned by the aforementioned masters, left a resounding impact as it was sung by James Hurley (aka actor James Marshall). Here, husband and wife duo the Saxophones offer an equally chilling cover. The …

Jim James: I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James quite accurately taps into Brian Wilson’s vocal delivery for “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times,” James’ new Beach Boys cover tune. There’s definitely an authenticity and respect within the track, but there’s more than an additional touch of psychedelia which yields to a glowing orchestration and ultimately a sonically-explosive development. James has his second album of cover songs, …

Gavin Turek: Birdie Bees

Multi-talented Gavin Turek recently released the super-delightful song “Birdie Bees.” Her sweet vocals float across the groovy bass-line, and the track’s blend of funk, soul, R&B and pop charms. Produced by Chris Hartz, it ultimately uplifts the listener.