Poop Bag Carrier

This poop-bag-carrier is a sleek, subtle companion to your daily dog walks. With a screw-off top, an elastic loop attachment and serrated window (for easy pull-through), it’s an obvious choice for the task. Available in six colors, they’re (of course) also non-toxic and pet-safe. Each one also comes with the brand’s eco-friendly bags.

Crazy Stripe Sweater

Thanks to its 100% merino wool composition, this sweater is super-cozy and cute. With a leash hole on the back and a little stretch, it’s made for walks on cold nights. Available in five sizes.

Dog Leash

Topo Designs collaborated on a collection with highly regarded river-sandal brand Chaco, and from it comes this durable dog leash—made from the same technical material and playful pattern that Topo uses. Available in two different sizes, this leash promises to last for decades.