The jury is still out on whether this thing is good or evil, but any way you look at it, it's pretty outrageous. The PETaPOTTY is the doggy equivalent of a kitty litter. It's basically a box of grass with drainage. Be sure to check out the video on their site– complete with a Greyhound giving a full demo. $235 at Hamptons Hound

Dog Blogging III

Phillip Torrone's photo moblog includes pictures posted by his Aibo! Whuffie posts every few hours automatically using his built in camera, his built in WiFi emails it to the site. via Gothamist

Yumemi Kobo: Dream Workshop

Takara, Co. , the inventers of the Bowlingual doggie translator, have a new device in the works… a machine that lets you design your own dreams. Yumemi Kobo, which translates to dream workshop, is bringing science fiction one step closer to reality. Prospective dreamers are asked to look at a photo of what they would like to dream about and then record a story line …