University of Tokyo’s Dragon Drone Transforms While Midair

Calling the University of Tokyo’s new drone the Dragon doesn’t just reference its form, the name is also an acronym short for “Dual-rotor embedded multilink Robot with the Ability of multi-deGree-of-freedom aerial transformatiON.” Composed of several small drones, powered by a pair of ducted fans that can thrust in almost any direction, the high-flyer can autonomously change shape to navigate certain spaces. Watch a video …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Secret lives of tattoos, the underbelly of an iceberg, celebrating women artists and more in our look around the web

1. Celebrating Artists on International Women’s Day While we shouldn’t only celebrate women artists one day of the year, It’s Nice That is showcasing the work (and thoughts) of an all-star-cast of women artists for IWD 2018. Working with various styles and mediums, articles include “words of wisdom from stage designer and visual artist Es Devlin; a rare interview with The Smiling Sun creator Anne …

Photographer Gives Mountains Halos

Photographer Reuben Wu’s latest project “Lux Noctis” gives mountains halos, thanks to his clever use of tech. Using drones and long exposures, Wu creates these angelic details that are inspired by “19th-century sublime Romantic painting and science and fictional imagery.” The halos are the actual drones’ light paths—not added post-production. See more at PetaPixel.