Emily Green Jewelry

The Melbourne-based designer makes candy-colored earrings that are part modern-day and part Flintstones

Melbourne-based designer Emily Green made a name for herself by designing bright, handmade polymer clay necklaces a while back. She has since taken part in a number of artistic and home decor projects, ranging from creating crafty paper chandeliers to collaborating with high street labels and even producing a range of limited edition nail varnishes. While all her colorful and playful designs are attention-grabbing, CH …

Phase Round Earrings

Hand-dyed and laden with super sparkly Swarovski crystals, the Phase Round Earrings by aerospace engineer-turned-metalwork designer Lynn Maclachlan melds usage of innovative digital tools such as 3D printing with traditional craft techniques to produce these high-tech accessories.


Wispy, geometric shapes counterbalanced in a bold, feminist aesthetic

From the geometric angles of minimalist, abstract art to the intangible, endless summer spirit that characterizes her longtime home, LA-based jewelry designer Amanda Loos filters a rich range of inspiration into her line, Kyyote. Delicate lines and vibrant colors give Kyyote jewelry a bold, feminine aesthetic. Building an enduring, cohesive collection, Loos has most recently added wispy beaded bracelets with thin, geometric metal shapes to …