A story of American automotive innovation and grassroots invention

It’s a common sentiment around the world that everything is bigger in the US—from parking lots to fast-food beverages. In his latest book “Ingenious,” author Jason Fagone proves that the American capacity for innovation really is huge. The book follows four teams of amateur and professional automotive designers, engineers and garage inventors as they vie for the X Prize Foundation‘s $10 million award. The task: …

Cool Hunting Video: Reverend Gadget’s Art Car

Electric innovation at Burning Man 2013 with a solar-powered art car

Among the dust in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, we spent six days braving the mayhem of the 2013 Burning Man Festival. There were plenty of interesting and strange characters roaming the playa, but one of our favorites was Reverend Gadget. He gave us a tour of his wacky, solar-powered electric art car which—in the vein of the entire festival—combines art, design, technology and …

Cool Hunting Video Rough Cut: BMW i3 First Drive

Tearing up the asphalt in LA in the all-new BMW i3 electric car

During last week’s LA Auto Show we spent some time with the all-new BMW i3, which will hit the road in 2014. Employing a ground-up approach, BMW has combined a high-tech drive train with their signature comfort and styling. And with an impressive 170 horsepower and tons of torque, this little electric car is a real pleasure to drive.