Translating Human Languages into Elephant Gestures


Thanks to the “Hello in Elephant” website, launched back in August, it’s very easy to translate human words—and emotions—to elephant gestures. A project developed by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and ElephantVoices, the site also contains a service that allows visitors to send these gesture videos to loved ones. It’s altogether remarkable, educational and beautiful. The real goal, however, is to raise awareness of elephant …

If We Were All Elephants

In describing elephants by their almost mystical elements (like sensing the weather both near and far, using their femurs to listen) “Being a Beast” author Charles Foster builds a profile of profound beauty. Placing this profile in conjunction with one of contemporary urban living, Foster illuminates all that makes the animals gentle, loving and unique. From reciprocal altruism to the depths of consciousness, the giant …

Elephant Air Plant Pod

With just a hint of ’70s kitsch, this Elephant Air Plant Pod by Claylicious serves as a nice little upper for your desktop. The ceramic figurine houses a tuft of soil-independent greenery, so you’ve got a little bit of life without any of the mess.