Eight Essential Art Terms

Art lexicon is often daunting and dense. The words usually have roots in French or German, but even the simple(r) English ones are worthy of brushing up on. Learning the right terms is essential when attempting to analyze art—a builder has to have the right tools, after all. From “foreshortening” to “gestural,” Artsy has listed eight essential terms.

Merriam-Webster Just Added 1000+ Words

Always an entertaining read, Merriam-Webster just announced the words and phrases it’s adding to the dictionary this month. Among them are “throwing shade,” “side eye” and even “ghost”—not the spook, but the act of abruptly cutting off contact with a person. There are also a few less-timely additions, including “first world problem,” “riding shotgun” and “weak sauce.” Whatever your feelings on these latest inclusions, there’s …

Interview: David Shrigley

Ahead of another humorous joint project with Third Drawer Down, the artist talks about adulthood and "proper" jobs

When he was inspired as a child to make cover art for Adam and The Ants, Brighton-based artist David Shrigley could have never predicted that he would go on to create everything from larger-than-life-sized sculptures to music videos, flags, a mascot (for Scottish Premiership football team Partick Thistle), animated shorts, to 12 different album covers for Deerhoof. In 2007 the album Worried Noodles was released, …