Wired NextFest

Wired Magazine created NextFest to "celebrate the shape of things to come." Among the features are a series of concept devices from Springtime, Nike, BMW, Antenna and Motorola. There's some pretty interesting thought and major eye candy, so be sure to check it out online or in print.

Puma Irie + Fass

Puma is sponsoring the Jamaican relay team at this Summer's Olympic games. Inspired by these runners comes a new line of sneakers and track suits. The Irie (left) and Fass (right) are definitely the best of the lot. more at the puma store

Marc Newson Mobile

A Marc Newson designed mobile phone, the Talby, made its debut recently at a Japanese trade show . The design is aesthetically forward and fun, but I question how usable the product will be. A recent ZD Net Japan article gives the review (if you don’t speak Japanese there are still some good pictures).