Ladyshark Week

Vivianne Lapointe's group show of shark-themed art

“Sharknado” may be the most recent example of America’s infatuation with the deep sea predator, but the Discovery Channel’s annual celebratory tribute—a phenomenon known as Shark Week—has actually been hitting airwaves since 1987. And now, in the wake of both, “Ladyshark Week,” a shark-inspired gallery showing in Los Angeles, rides the tide of culture’s finned obsession, all in the name of charity. The group show …

Cool Hunting Video: SOFTlab for Sonos Studio

Sound visualized through light at the latest interactive installation in LA

SOFTlab, a New York-based design studio, recently took on the challenge of creating a piece to be featured in the Sonos Studio in Los Angeles. The only instruction for the project was to build an interactive structure that unifies light and sound. Custom designed from the bottom up, SOFTlab created an exceptional interactive installation that lets users and musicians participate in an active aural and …

Cool Hunting Video: Campana Brothers

The Brazilian brothers sat down with us to discuss their new work and their thoughts on design

On the eve of their first solo show in the United States, the infamous Campana brothers sat down with us for a chat. With a series of new work on display until 3 July, 2013, the brothers discussed their childhood, inspirations and their ethos on design.