Plush Rat Toy

Made in Bolivia by a team of indigenous women, Oeuf’s plush rat toy is crafted from 100% baby alpaca yarn, with a poly blend inside. The yarn boasts a natural water-resistance and an ultra-soft touch, so it’s perfect for little ones. It’s also an eco-friendly alternative to cotton or synthetic fabrics. This woven toy is also fair trade, so the women who made it are …

Coffee Manufactory’s Transparent and Fair Business Model

Seeking the perfect supply chain starts with promoting small farms

The total contribution of the coffee industry to the US economy is around $225 billion per year—a statistic that stems from a 2015 tallying. Worldwide, the effects of its popularity permeate even the most remote locales. Unfortunately, however, many hubs for coffee bean production are systematically cut out of the earnings. Others act as middlemen in a lengthy supply chain and their employees are oftentimes …

“NO” Cap

100% eco-friendly and fair-trade, this cap by Slow Factory is part of their Resist collection—and introduces a new, alternative voice in the politicized red hat movement. The cap is made in the USA and boldly embroidered “NO.”—with that all-important period in place to reminds us that this one word can be a complete sentence.