Mother Pigeon’s Outstallation

An artist's hand-felted birds demonstrate the beauty found in urban wildlife

Mother Pigeon‘s rapture with New York City’s indigenous wildlife has led to a course of activism, through art and public installations. The artist, known to her human companions as Tina Piña Trachtenburg will debut a gregarious Flash Flock, designed to coax a “much maligned” and “overlooked” avian out of the landscape and into the public eye. Her upcoming “Outstallation” will bring an unprecedented number of …


A classic ladies’ rabbit-felt hat gets a remix when Andersen & Berner tapped Danish designer Signe Holten to turn it into a modern cap. The craftsmanship is clear and the material—which actually stands up well to most weather—is sumptuous, but with a shoelace trim, there’s some fun built in.

Industrial Fashion’s Non-Fashion Hat

The label's debut product is born from experimenting with manufacturing processes instead of trends

Spotted during this year’s London Design Festival at RCA’s Big Small show, which delved into contemporary contradictions, were some hats—striking in their simplicity. They’re the debut product from newly launched label Industrial Fashion, dreamed up by London-raised designer Julia Georgallis and German-born designer Dustin Jessen. As a counter to the trend-driven fashion industry, these two RCA grads are creating stylish accessories with looks influenced by …