Kiosk: Finland

Our friends at Kiosk have just introduced their fifth and latest collection, this time sourced from the far reaches of Finland. Like always, the Kiosk team traveled abroad to find the best everyday classics. The collection features a lot of bold retro designs and items worth it just for packaging that references both '60s graphics and Finnish folk patterns, like a simple carton of pink …

Eero Aarnio Proto Watch

Known for creating the era-defining Ball Chair of the sixties, Eero Aarnio, along with Stepan Sarpaneva (a talented Finnish watchmaker), created this one-of-a-kind 2001 "Proto," based upon Eero's original designs (see them here). Today, they are teaming up to continue a more classic watch as well as further developing variations of this original prototype for limited production.

Marimekko Mouse

Marimekko Mice are currently only available through the Japanese site kokuyo—we're crossing our fingers they make it stateside soon. via red house design