The World is Your Burger: A Cultural History

The trusty burger has quite the storied history, which David Michaels explores in great depth through his encyclopedic tome “The World is Your Burger: A Cultural History.” From the origin of the classic burger to the current iteration, it’s studied via essays, photographs, ephemera and even recipes. This hardcover, 400-page book is an essential for any burgerphile.

Bitten: A Food Conversation

Over 20 expert panelists converge for a one-day event on the developments and artistry within food culture

Well before everyone’s favorite fast burrito spot hit crisis mode, the changing landscape of food culture snagged headlines on a weekly basis. It has for decades and will continue to do so. Food consumption is a human need and yet, today, through thousands of different lenses (pop culture, health, sustainability, artistry and beyond) there is more on a lot of people’s radars than just getting …