Small Sake

Meet the contemporary rice wine that is quickly gaining popularity from east to west

For many Westerners, remembering one’s favorite brand of sake can be difficult due to linguistic differences. Removing that complication marks one of the core ideas behind Small Sake, a new drink from Hong Kong-based Swede, Pontus Karlsson. Karlsson has focused on taste as much as the name of his sake, and in just a few months the fermented drink’s popularity has grown rapidly from west …

Salt & Pepper Paws

A cute and clever way to house the ever essential salt and pepper, these cat paw stoneware shakers are individually cast by hand in Seattle, and are easily refilled thanks to a cork plug at the base. They’re simply purrrrfect.

Brad’s Raw 4 Paws

Healthy raw treats for dogs

While the raw food revolution transforms the eating habits of health conscious humans, Brad’s Raw Foods—known for their savory vegetable based chips, crackers and crunchy kale—is launching a line of raw treats for dogs. We found the exuberant Brad’s Raw team at the Fancy Food Show, sharing samples of their raw snacks for humans and debuting their new raw bone shaped treats for man’s best …