Carb Calculator

The Robi Nutritional Calculator is a device dedicated to helping you count calories, fat, protein and of course, carbs. I'm all for health and nutrition, but the low carb fad is getting a bit out of control. We all love carbs… admit it! Buy a T-shirt to tell the world. via carbwire

Spicy Brown

Check out this cute and crazy combination of T-shirts and food stuffs. As they claim on their site, Spicy Brown serves up fresh shopping daily with sides of recipes, restaurants and activities from people who’ve tried them and said, “More, please.” And we’re talking full flavor ­ multicultural, diverse, and de—licious.

The Meatrix

The Meatrix borrows the style of the Matrix to make a point about the horrors of factory farming. Watch the movie, then check out these sites for some great resources on eating well and responsibly: Farm to Table where you can connect to top New York State farmers and vintners, and find out how and where you can buy their products. Grace Factory Farm Project …