T. Rex’s Awkward Vegetarian Cousin

Looks like you’re not the only one with an awkward, embarrassing cousin; the Tyrannosaurus Rex had one too. Though it’s known officially as Chilesaurus diegosaurezi, this vegetarian T. Rex relative is often known as “The Platypus” due to is duck-like bill, beaver-like tail and otter-like feet. Chilesaurus’ bizarre set of features led archaeologists to believe they had collected the remains of three different dinosaurs but …

Car-Sized Salamander Fossils

Archaeologists have discovered a massive boneyard of prehistoric super-salamanders in Algarve, Portugal. While the bones from these enormous amphibians are in fact quite common, the newly found fossils are different enough to establish a new species—Metoposaurus algarvensis. These 10-foot-long salamander predators congregated around a central band in ancient Pangaea and seem to have thrived in hot environments before being wiped out by a seasonal drought.