Car-Sized Salamander Fossils

Archaeologists have discovered a massive boneyard of prehistoric super-salamanders in Algarve, Portugal. While the bones from these enormous amphibians are in fact quite common, the newly found fossils are different enough to establish a new species—Metoposaurus algarvensis. These 10-foot-long salamander predators congregated around a central band in ancient Pangaea and seem to have thrived in hot environments before being wiped out by a seasonal drought.

Fossilized Mammoth Tusk Dice

While mammoth tusk is entirely legal to hunt, obtaining it is a still major battle with the forces of nature found in the Siberian tundra. The fossilized tusks of these Paleolithic beasts are frozen within the ice, and though their ivory is fair game, it’s rare. Own a tiny piece of prehistoric times with Scandinavian artist/jeweler Kristian Stahl’s hand-painted fossilized mammoth tusk dice, a set …

Petroglyph Fossil Stool

Turin, Italy-based experimental studio Nucleo teamed up with Alexandra Denton on a limited-edition collection of end tables called Petroglyph Fossil. The lightweight, geometric stools are made from hand-poured fiberglass and dyed polyester resin in a mold based on Nucleo’s 2011 Petrolgyph collection. Only 33 models were made in each color: red, white, and black.