Ambrosia Candle

Part of their new Chromesthesia series (made up of three scents), Ambrosia candle by Boy Smells entices with its distinct but subtle fragrance. The candle offers notes of mandarin peel, rosemary, galbanum, iris, hinkoki and vanilla—all the while avoiding being too zesty or citrusy. Made from a blend of food-grade coconut and beeswax, this candle offers 50+ hours of burn time. Like the others in …

Carine Roitfeld Parfums’ “7 lovers” Genderless Scents

International elegance conveyed through seven distinct fragrances

With “7 lovers,” iconic fashion editor and magazine founder Carine Roitfeld demonstrates a deep understanding of the human imagination’s connection to scent. Her debut fragrance line (and, in fact, her first foray into products entirely), “7 lovers” features seven different products—each built around a character and an accompanying city. All of these characters are referred to as fictional lovers—love in the broadest sense though: aspirational …

Burn Massage Candle No. 1

Made with jojoba and soybean oils, this hand-poured candle is unlike most—it’s intended to be used as massage oil once melted down, thanks to a low burning temperature. Including amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass and more, it’s a delicately fragrant blend that’s also hydrating for the skin. Made in New York, it’s also vegan and cruelty-free.