Hawthorne Introduces Skincare Products

The fragrance label’s online quiz will now pair customers with body wash, soap, and deodorant

Most American men aren’t buying fragrances, but women are driving the $327 million market through gift-giving. “There’s a lack of knowledge and even a sense of fear with men when it comes to cologne and self-care products,” Hawthorne co-founder Brian Jeong says from his Tribeca office. Jeong “wanted to get men to buy cologne for themselves.” Since launching the data-driven fragrance label Hawthorne in 2016, Jeong …

Rinse-Free Hand Wash

While alcohol-based, BYREDO’s rinse-free hand wash is gentle and nourishing. At 30ml, this lotion is ideal for air travel and everyday use—whenever your hands need a refresh. Our favorite fragrance (nothing like those harsh chemical scents of other hand sanitizers) contains notes of pink pepper, patchouli, magnolia and rose petals, but isn’t overpowering.

Super Moon Candle

There were three super-moons in a row this year and, to commemorate, the brightest of the three moons this year, DetroitWick made a handcrafted vessel that’s luminous and changes color—depending on your viewing angle. The candle is a beautiful piece on its own, and when it’s lit creates space fragrances—a combination of “space” musk, lunar fig, amber and black currant.