Anouk Oil Burner Blend

Scented oil burners are a easy way to facilitate relaxation and stress relief. This calming and well-balanced blend of lemon rind, ylang-ylang and Bergamot oils from Aesop will give the someone special some much-deserved down time.

Madeleine by Amy Radcliffe

A student project puts scent-capturing in the hands of the masses

Presented at Tom Dixon’s Most fair at Milan Design Week, Madeleine is a student project from Amy Radcliffe of University of the Arts London. The simple device captures scents so they can be replicated chemically. Composed of two parts—a graduated dome and a ceramic geometric vacuum with leather straps that holds a simple glass odor trap with a filter inside it. According to Radcliffe’s instructions, …

Bubble Bath

Made in an old Tuscan monastery, this gentle bubble bath—which is designed for allergic or sensitive skin types—contains a hint of chamomile extract for a subtle, soothing fragrance.