Project Blinklights

Project Blinklights has made it possible for mobile users to play games like Tetris, Pong or Pacman by displaying and manipulating the lights on buildings, using their mobile phones. If you find yourself standing in front of the Biliothéque Nationale de France, dial +33 (1) 44 24 73 50 and you can play Tetris using the number keys as controls. via Elastico (Spanish)

Millau Viaduct

The Millau Viaduct recently opened up in France and was inaugurated by the French President Jacques Chirac. It was designed by the English architect Lord Norman Foster. It's the highest bridge in the world measuring at 343 meters (1125.33 ft) and creates a direct route between Paris and the Mediterranean coast using only seven slender pillars. So the next time I find myself road trippin …


123klan is a graffiti crew based in Northern France. Evolving over the last 10 years, their style combines traditional graffiti with vector graphics to create some pretty hot installations. They also are guns for hire– offering print and identity work. When you check out their site, be sure to view the gorgeous little intro.